Gratitude in a Crisis

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“Come to the edge,” he said.
“We can’t, we’re afraid!” they responded.
“Come to the edge,” he said.
“We can’t, We will fall!” they responded.
“Come to the edge,” he said.
And so they came.
And he pushed them.
And they flew.

Guillaume Apollinaire (1880 – 1918)

Fourteen short months ago I woke one morning to discover nothing in my life was the way it had been the day before. So much of what I had come to know and love was gone.

Looking back from a place of grace I know it was as it needed to be. I am reminded of a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt “You must do the things you think you cannot do.” 

Through this complete transition of my own I have come to understand other women who find themselves on the edge. They are looking over a new horizon with little idea about what is next. Yet, the good news is, they can learn to fly!

One way to begin this journey is to… slow way down. I know you hear this day-after-day, yet how many times have you actually done it? If you are like me, probably not often! Pushing ahead, being busy is such a delightful distraction. Am I right?

With my transition, I took each day as it came without any expectations. Slowly, day-by-day, I began to realize that it made more sense to focus on what I had to be grateful for, than to worry about what might occur.  Your mind can play all kinds of tricks on you when you are in a crisis. You play over and over again in your head what might have been or you frantically worry about what might be in your future. Neither of which are helpful in the least.

So at this point you get to choose. Do you choose to be in pain or do you choose to attract into your life the things you want most, such as, joy, love and happiness? If you are like me, you choose happiness. So where do you find happiness in a crisis?

The first step is Gratitude! I believe gratitude is one of the most powerful healing works you can engage in during any crisis.

Gratitude Heals Your Heart, Your Mind and Your Soul.

You might wonder how you begin such gratitude work when your mind is playing that old broken record of doubts, fears and oh poor ME’s! Actually it is pretty easy. You start right where you are. You take stock of what actually is rather than what was or might be. Start with the small things like being extra grateful for a hot shower or steaming mug of morning coffee. Being present to all you do can shift your perspective in an instant. You can be present to the birds chirping or the roar of a beautiful fire on a chilly day.

Take a minute or two to believe in you. Know that each day offers you a new opportunity to find more things to be grateful for. I have a big sign that hangs over my computer desk… I read it several times a day. It says “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rain.” To this I say, YES!!! If we waited for every storm to pass before we enjoyed life…we would never enjoy. Don’t allow that to happen to you. Say YES, with me. Yes, you can have the life you want by expressing gratitude one small thing at a time.

  • Here is a simple yet very powerful gratitude exercise for you: (You may have seen me post this before, it is my favorite.)

Gratitude: List 10 things in your journal each evening before bed for seven days that you are grateful for. TWIST: Each day you must list different things, so by weeks end you have 70 things you are grateful for. Stop here or continue for a lifetime…you get to choose!

By Coach Judith Geiger

Change is Scary

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Transition is often a very scary word. Just ask Thalia, my five year old granddaughter, she never ever wants anything to change. If something has always been a certain way, then by gosh, it’s always going to be that way. No change no matter how small is comfortable for her. She even remarks, after she is grown and all of her family members are gone, (not sure where they are going) she will continue to live in her exact house, especially in her room.

Thinking about how Thalia feels regarding change set me on a quest. I wanted to figure out how many other people were as resistant to change as she was. Because change is a word we often use as coaches. We talk about changing your life, changing your perspective, changing your career, changing your attitude and even changing your limiting beliefs. Once I truly understood this fear, I realized that it is a wonder people don’t run away from us (coaches) screaming “leave me where I am.” Mostly they just turn at cocktail parties to talk with the next person, if they feel queasy about the topic of change or quickly move through our websites that talk about changing their lives.

What is the fear really about, since logically, we know that in every minute of everyday things change in one way or another? Some changes are small and almost unnoticed, while others land in our laps with a huge thud, such as a divorce or losing a job. What I have noticed about the larger changes is the more we resist them the harder the change is.

I remember once listening to Caroline Myss tell a story about a man who lost everything in his life in one fell swoop. One morning, after coming to work, his business partners suddenly said they were dissolving the business he had grown to love. They needed to leave him behind, as they went out on their own, since together they were not making enough money. When he went home to tell his wife of this tragedy she interrupted him before he could speak to tell him she was leaving him and his bag was packed since she was keeping the house. BOOM! Everyone he cared about left him. His whole life exploded in one day.

That was a changing moment of magnitude proportions. In my opinion he had two choices. He could resist this change and feel like a victim, blaming everyone else for his misfortune, or he could look for another path out of this chaos. He, luckily for him, chose to listen to his intuition that came in a form of a dream. He felt like his dream was guided and spoke of his success. This guidance helped him to not resist the change. The story ends with him keeping the business for himself even though it was not worth much at the time. He later turned a dying business into a multimillion dollar company and he found a new wife. She ended up not only being his love, but also his business partner. In other words his life ended up being so much better than before and so much more than he ever dreamed it could be.

You have heard the old saying, “what you resist persists.” Whether the changes you are experiencing in your life are small, large or only in the planning stages, remember there is no wisdom in fearing change. It is a part of every life. The more you resist the change the harder it will be.  Tap into your own inner guidance system to discover your path out of the chaos of change.

By Judith Geiger

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Walking on Broken Glass

31562763_sI wonder if you have ever gone through a challenging time when you felt like you were walking on broken glass. You took each step with care, but still the glass cut you to the core! That has been my journey for the past several weeks. I will spare you the details of all the chaos that has followed me around of late. Just know some were tiny inconveniences, that just kept coming, and others were heartbreaking loses. One such lose was a close friendship. Once a soul connection, has now has melted into nothing!

I have a very tough skin, most of the time, resulting from childhood drama that many of us share. So I just kept on walking over more and more broken glass. That is until a few days ago when I actually put my foot down and said out loud, to whoever would listen, “I am done with this!” I meant it with all of my heart and soul…done, finished, through! “No more drama please”, was my request to the universe. In that moment I remembered I had been given a gift of some lovely white sage. I proceeded to light it and walk around the house inviting any negative energy to leave. I am sure much of the negative energy was due to how I was reacting to the chaos, as a coach I have learned so many ways to respond, instead of react, so when I stopped I was able to connect more fully into what I knew how to do. (Any lesson here about slowing down? You bet!) After whisking the sage through the house, I opened all of my windows and let the fresh air in! I took a deep breath and connected back to my heart and to my love for life.

Instead of walking on broken glass I am settling more deeply into my spiritual practices. I meditate longer, use mindfulness as I walk among nature and I practice Reiki with a new found awareness of its healing potential. Simply put, I am more connected than ever to all that I love. Who knew that walking on broken glass would bring me full circle back to Spirit and back to Me! We need the rain in our lives to grow the flowers, they say. In my case there was a lot of lightening that came with the rain, so now, I am looking for the beautiful rainbows and I am finding them every day.
By Judith Geiger

Tip #10 Intention

Tips for Intentional Living
Live your life on purpose


Tip #10 Start a daily intention practice.As you wake each morning take a moment to set your intention for the day. Now write your intention on a post-it note as a reminder. Place it in a location you see often.

Example intention: “Today I give myself permission to play.” Or “Today I will tackle my fear of __________.”

Tip #9 Email Duty

Tips for Intentional Living
Live your life on purpose

Tip #9
Spend 10-to-15 minutes today tackling your inbox. Answer old emails, delete ones of no importance, or simply add others to folders for later. Do this daily and they won’t add up. A de-cluttered inbox frees your mind for more important tasks.

Tip #8 Renew Your Energy

Tips for Intentional Living
Live your life on purpose

Tip #8
Renew your energy. First acknowledge yourself for a recent accomplishment. Next acknowledge three people today for something you notice about them. It can be their new hair cut or a job well done. Acknowledgment creates positive energy!