Conscious Dating

 Self-Discovery & Relationship Readiness Program

Single and looking for love? Then I highly recommend this program!

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Do you want to be in love and have a lasting relationship?

If yes, start by letting go of the old way of dating and step into this innovative conscious dating program. Learn adult dating at its best!


  • Learn the 14 deadliest dating traps and how to avoid them.
  • Bust through your fears and limiting beliefs as you develop your dating skills.
  • Learn how to avoid falling into old patterns.
  • Create a compelling vision for your life partner and for yourself. Learn why this is so important.
  • Be aware of your personality traits and discover what personality traits are important to you in a life partner.
  • Understand your unique values that drive your decisions and how to determine if your partner is a match for your values.
  • Create a conscious dating plan with step by step strategies to accomplish your goal.
  • Discover your life vision and purpose.
  • Learn how to make loving choices that honor not only those you love but also yourself!
  • 4 month (12-session) phone coaching (60-minutes each) generally the first three weeks each month.
  • 145 page workbook with charts, diagrams, assessments and more!
  • Phone Check-in as needed to gain clarity on your assignments (5-15 minutes each).
  • 1-3 powerful assignments each week.
  • Email support between calls.

This can be purchased as a 12-Session package or added to your monthly coaching!


Attracting the Love of Your Life

Prerequisite is the Conscious Dating and Relationship Readiness program.

In this program you put into action everything you learned in conscious dating and relationship readiness. You work with creative strategies, law of attraction, power introductions and much more.

  • Become an attraction magnet to you

    r ideal partner.

  • Build a support community.
  • Improve social and dating skills.
  • Learn about the law of attraction.
  • Create your own unique dating profile.
  • Discover if on-line dating sites are for you.
  • Learn about power introductions.
  • Put your new learning into action!
  • 3 month (9-session) phone coaching (60-minutes each) First three weeks each month.
  • Free Print Personality assessment with debrief.
  • 68 page workbook with exercises that move you forward quickly.
  • At least one assignment each week.
  • Phone Check-in as needed to gain clarity on your assignments (5-15 minutes each).
  • Email support between calls
  • Both of these programs offer so much more.

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